Swedish Historical Association

The Swedish Historical Association is a politically and religiously independent scholarly society founded in 1880 to promote historical research and spread the interest in history in Sweden.

The association publishes scholarly journals, arranges recurring scientific conferences, represents Swedish historians in international contexts and works to strengthen the freedom, quality and significance of historical perspectives and scholarship in society. It gathers scholars in the academic disciplines of History and Economic History in Sweden, but in addition many of the association’s members are scholars or students in other disciplines or non-academics.

Since 1881 the Swedish Historical Association publishes the leading journal in History and Economic History in Sweden, Historisk tidskrift. The journal appears four times per year and is indexed in Web of Science and other international citation databases. Together with its sister associations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway and through and agreement with Taylor & Francis, the Swedish Historical Association also publishes the leading Anglophone journal on Nordic History, Scandinavian Journal of History. Since 1999 the association also arranges recurring meetings of Swedish historians. The association also administers an e-mail list for news about historical research in Sweden, provides resources for research, news and debate through its website and social media and functions as an expert organ in relation to government bodies and authorities.

Svenska Historiska Föreningen
Universitetsvägen 10 A:918
106 91 Stockholm


Webbredaktör: Anna Friberg


Kansli: Nils Fabiansson